Demostrador de Movimiento Molecular

Designed for use with an overhead projector, this modern teaching device provides an impressive demonstration of dynamic molecular motion. Kinetic Theory abstractions are presented visually on a classroom scale. Exceptionally realistic representations of molecular interaction help promote student interest and clarify difficult concepts. The Brownian movement experiment, for example, involves a small disc placed within the enclosure. The disc is identified as a smoke particle of the type viewed in such molecular demonstration devices as our original Brownianscope. Students see that the random motion of the particle disc represents the result of molecular collisions rather than molecular motion itself. Other concepts explored include: cents Three States of Matter cents Avogadro (TM)s Hypothesis cents Temperature cents Pressure cents Diffusion of Gases cents Van der Waals Forces cents Condensation cents Mean Free Path cents Boyle (TM)s Law cents Graham (TM)s Law of Diffusion cents Charles (TM) Law cents Solids and Liquid cents Random Motion of Particles cents Changes of State Complete with a detailed study guide describing numerous basic and advanced experiments.