Tres fuerzas en Equilibrio
Composición de Fuerzas (Suma de Vectores)
Sistema de poleas
Principio de la palanca
Plano Inclinado (por Fendt)
Experimento de la Segunda Ley de Newton
Choque Elástico e Inelástico
Artilugio de Newton
Modelo de Tiovivo (Fuerza Centrípeta)
Primera Ley de Kepler
Segunda Ley de Kepler
Air Track
Inclined Plane (shockwave)
Golf Range!
Shoot the Monkey
2D Collisions
Freefall Lab - Terminal Velocity
Center of Mass
See-Saw Torque
Moment of Inertia
Simple Harmonic Motion
Two-Dimensional Harmonic Motion
Driven Harmonic Motion (1 mass)
Driven Harmonic Motion (2 masses)
Force on a Wing
Projectile motion
Coriolis and centrifugal forces
The Kepler problem
The simple plane pendulum
Chaos in the driven pendulum
Reaction Time
Reaction Time and Car Accident
Traffic Light System
Relative Motion - Frame of Reference
Racing Balls
Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration
Projectile Motion
Projectile Motion with Air Drag
Interesting Properties of Projectile Motion
Bouncing Balls
Free Rolling and Circular Motion
Angular Momentum and Area
Simple Harmonic Motion and Uniform Circular Motion
Spring Force
Motion of a Ping Pong Ball
Instantaneous Speed
Billiards and Physics
Simple Version of Pendulum
Kepler Motion
Projectile Orbits and Satellite Orbits
Billiard ball simulation
Spinning Top
Newtonian Mountain
Virtual wind tunnel
El Péndulo
Muelle oscilante
Péndulos acoplados
Inclined Plane/Friction
Potential/Kinetic Energy
2-D Cannon
Projectile Motion
Conservation of Momentum (1-D collisions)
2-D collisions
Frictional Force
Dynamics Applet (Surendranath)

Oscilaciones y Ondas

Sound Beats
Longitudinal Wave
Phased Array
Ultrasound: How does it work?
Interference Patterns
Doppler Effect (1 source)
Doppler Effect (2 sources)
Lissajous Figures

Ripple Tank
Forced Oscillations (Resonance)
Standing Longitudinal Waves
Reflection and Refraction of Waves (Huygens' Principle)
Interference of two Circular or Spherical Waves
Doppler Effect
The damped harmonic oscillator
Coupled oscillations
Transmission of waves through dense material
Oscillation and Wave
Doppler Effect and Shock Waves
Interference between two waves
Transverse and Longitudinal Waves
Transverse Travelling Wave
Interference in a Ripple Tank

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Error and Measurement
Vector Addition
Exponential Growth
Vector Addition
Min/Max Thermometer
Real-time Histogram
Virtual physics lab (NTNU)
Density Lab


Hydrostatic Pressure in Liquids
Buoyant Force in Liquids
Floating Log
Gravity Flow
Buoyant Force
Buoyant Force II


Additive Colors
Subtractive Colors
Basic Prism
Ray Tracing
Fermat's Principle
Interference Patterns
Refraction of Light
Refracting Astronomical Telescope
spectrum tuner
color addition
Reflection/Refraction (Water-air Interface)
Thin Lens Demonstration
Thin Lens Combination
Thick Lens
Physics of Rainbows
Shadow/Image and Color
Fermat Principal
The World of Color
Mixing Colored Light Beams
Light: a myriad of colors.
How a pinhole camera works
Bragg's Law of Diffraction


Introduction to E&M
Introduction to Plasma
Coulombic Forces
Lorentz Force
Direct Current Electrical Motor
Ohm's Law
Simple AC Circuits
Electromagnetic Oscillating Circuit
Electromagnetic Wave
Charged Particle motion in EM field
Propagation of Electromagnetic Wave
Basic Function of an Oscilloscope
Biot Savart Law
RC Circuits (DC)
RLC Ciruit
Multimeter (VOM)
Clipping Circuit (Voltage Limiters)
Lissajous Lab
Interference of Siusoidal Waves
Motion in an electromagnetic field

Física Nuclear, Atómica y Molecular

Lennard-Jones Molecular Dynamics
Surface Tension
P and V Effects -Le Chatlier's principle
Thomson Atom
Nuclear Atom
Einstein's Explanation of Brownian Motion
One-dimensional one-atom classical gas
Two-dimensional collisions
Model Nonequilibrium System
Brownian Motion (Advanced)
Spectra of Gas discharges
The particle in the box
Radioactive Decay
Radioactive Decay
Space and Time (Special Relativity)

Matemáticas Aplicadas

Multiple Pendulum
Heat Flow
Planetary Motion
Spinning Top
Bungie Chord
Breaking Bridge
Breaking Beam